Arts & Culture Funding Details

$830,000 for the Gardens on Spring Creek Great Lawn (2013-2014 capital expenditure - Building Community Choices tax dollars approved in 1997)

The Great Lawn is a new multi-use community space for festivals, concerts and performances, arts shows, classes, and private rental events. The potential for our citizens to enjoy expanded arts programs in an outdoor venue is a significant opportunity for Fort Collins. The Great Lawn is especially exciting to local arts organizations and musicians for its large, outdoor performance venue that includes an audience capacity of up to 800 guests. The Great Lawn would be the first public event space south of Downtown and expands the Garden’s capacity as a tourist destination, contributing to our local economy.

The Gardens $830,000 request from the City during the budget development process would use funding left over from the Building Community Choices (BCC) tax that voters approved in 1997, a vote that initiated The Gardens on Spring Creek. During the budget development process, this project was recommended by the public engagement committees. Learn more.

$110,000 for the Arts Incubator of the Rockies, AIR ($50,000 in 2013, $60,000 in 2014 from Economic Health budget).

The Arts Incubator of the Rockies, AIR, is a revolutionary partnership between Beet Street, Colorado State University School of the Arts Leap Institute and the City of Fort Collins Cultural Services. AIR has already developed national attention, and has put Fort Collins on the map as the hub of professional development for the arts and creative industry in the Intermountain West. 9 State Arts Agencies have participated in the development of the curriculum AIR will offer. Funding would support AIR’s new curriculum, which will serve more than 280,000 creative professionals working in the Intermountain West region. Learn more.