Who should apply

The workshop is designed for visual artists, writers, musicians, composers, choreographers, and other artists who create original work. Applicants may be well-established or emerging artists. Artists should have a demonstrated commitment to their creative career, but their artistic work does not have to be their sole income source. A diverse mix of mediums, cultural identity, geographic location and experience will be accepted. For musicians, both contemporary and classical artists are encouraged apply. Artists who are residents of Colorado and are, or are seeking to, earn their full livelihoods from their art are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to Fort Collins and Northern Colorado applicants.

Beet Street has one (1) needs-based scholarship available for the weekend workshop. Details to follow once participants are selected.

Workshop Description

The Core Weekend Workshop is the flagship program of Creative Capital's Professional Development Program. Described as a "crash course in self-management, strategic planning, fundraising and promotion," the workshop employs lectures, peer critiques, one-on-one consultations, interactive exercises, handouts and written assignments to introduce business skills to individual artists. The weekend begins with artists showing each other their work. Then presentations by the workshop leaders are followed by focused sessions in each of the topic areas. Participants are given a handbook and workbook as well as handouts on practical how-to information.

What you will learn

  • A personalized system for using strategic planning to increase your satisfaction in your life and career, including goal setting and time management
  • Strategies for balancing time and money
  • Why and how to create a business plan, and how to use it
  • Financial planning basics, including choosing financial partners, best practices for savings and retirement planning, options for reducing debt and acquiring property
  • The essentials for operating your art as a small, independently run business, including employment, contracts, negotiation, decision-making, budgeting and cash flow
  • How to communicate about yourself and your work with clarity and confidence, in writing and in person
  • Strategies for funding your work and revenue-generation, including improving your fundraising materials; working in partnership with venues, donors and funders; building a base of individual contributors; and knowing the real cost of your work so you can communicate it to funders, presenters and other partners
  • How to consider promoting your work as an integral, natural part of the creative process
  • Best practices for artist websites, blogs, social media and communications
  • How to identify and reach new audiences for your work

What you will take away

  • A personalized plan of action based on your own goals for your art career
  • A cohort of peer artists in their community who can act as resources going forward
  • The PDP Strategic Planning Workbook, which includes exercises and evaluation processes towards your own personal goal setting and financial management
  • The PDP Handbook, an essential guide to promoting and funding your work